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The following is a Year End Checklist to help you determine whether it’s time to update your Estate Planning Documents:


  1. Have you purchased or sold a home in the last 1-5 years?
  2. Have you purchased any rental property?
  3. Have you re-financed the mortgage on your home?
  4. Have there been any changes in your family since your last review? Births, deaths, divorce, marriage, reconciliations, or estrangements?
  5. Has there been a significant change in your health status?
  6. Do you have any unmarried children that have left for college in the last year or two?
  7. Have you inherited any assets since your last review?
  8. Have you had any significant changes in your financial status since your last review?
  9. Have you opened any new accounts, such as bank accounts or brokerage accounts?
  10. Have you opened any new IRAs or other retirement accounts or transferred retirement accounts to a new custodian since your last review?
  11. Have you had any threats of lawsuits or legal judgments against you that have arisen since your last review?
  12. Are all relevant assets properly funded into your revocable trust?
  13. Do you have any children that have been born since your last estate plan update that need to be added to your trust, will and guardianship nomination?
  14. Have you started a business since your last estate plan review?
  15. Did you update the beneficiary designation form on all of your life insurance policies to list your trust as either the primary or contingent beneficiary?