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The Estate Planning Process

Step One: The Initial Consultation

I offer prospective estate planning clients a complimentary initial consultation for general estate planning. With your permission, professional advisors are welcome to attend this initial consultation as well.

Step Two:  The Design Meeting

During this meeting, I will spend one to two hours with you. After listening to your needs, plans and goals, I will make some estate planning recommendations.

After making these recommendations, I will quote a flat fee for design, drafting and implementation of the plan. You may then choose to engage my firm by signing a fee agreement and paying a deposit; or you may choose to take some time to reflect before moving ahead.

Step Three: Review and Sign the Documents

Should you choose to engage my firm at this point, a follow-up meeting to sign documents and begin implementation of the plan will be scheduled. During this meeting I will thoroughly explain the planning documents to you, and to your family members if necessary. I will also explain how to fund trusts and provide instructions on how to complete this process.

Step Four: Continuing Client Care  (optional)

I do not consider the signing of the documents as the final part of a legal transaction. In fact, I strive to build long term relationships with my clients. Through my Client Maitenance Program I keep you informed of changes that could affect your planning, maintain a secure storage of your estate planning, legal, and financial records in order to maintain your estate plan to meet your ever changing estate planning goals. I also encourage you and your advisors to call my office when you have a question concerning any aspect of your estate planning.